Why Inspiration?

For your happiness and inspirations, The World Is Dreams are original, adapted and adaptable suggestions based on high quality services, tested for you, updated periodically and negotiated directly with the economic actors of local tourism at preferential rates.

We’ll make many little extras for your happiness and pleasure: Great addresses, private tours, meetings with the locals. All the possible added value to make your stay unforgettable.

From private car to the exceptional room. From the private excursion on a virgin beach to the best restaurants. All your upstream advisor’s work is relayed on-site by a unique concierge service.

Thus, we compose your trip with a meticulous selection of accommodation, activities, restaurants, meeting with the locals we know, and testing for you and meeting our criteria.
Each of our proposals has been chosen with taste to meet everyone’s style and desires.


Tailor Made

You want more information for a Tailor Made trip

Tailor-made travel is a unique and exclusive way to travel, which doesn’t mean that you grab your backpack and go on an adventure, no. The tailor-made trip is organized, programmed, and calculated. Thanks to a unique knowledge of the proposed territories, understanding people and local activities, The World Is Dreams, a tailor-made specialist, creates the trip that suits you.

    According to your traveler profile, your desires, areas of interest, and the possibilities offered by our destinations, we think about it together.

    A watchword for us: Simplicity.

    It means your peace of mind during your trip while taking care of the complexity that represents perfectly regulated logistics to make you live a unique experience. Most important to us: you and your satisfaction.

    For your happiness, The World Is Dreams is original, adapted, and adaptable suggestions based on high-quality services, tested for you, regularly updated, and negotiated directly with local tourism’s economic actors at preferential rates.

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