The best vacations in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic stretches over 1,025 miles of coastline and offers around 370 miles of beach. Most of these wild beaches aren’t known to travelers from around the world who often stay near their hotels.

Between lush greenery, a variety of exceptional flora and fauna, simply magnificent and spectacular waterfalls and springs, there is everything you need for a vacation here!

The best vacations with WID in the Dominican Republic

A dream vacations!

The DUARTE mountain, the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean (10200ft), the salt lake of Enriquillo (144 feet below sea level and the lowest point in the Caribbean), and the Los Haïtises National Park with its vegetation, submerged rocks, and its Mangrove…
A Nature preserved by the Taïnos Indians and as Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492.

There are an incredible variety in Agriculture and wealth from the soil due to the tropical climate. With the cultivation of sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, and tobacco, the country is the world’s leading exporter of cigars.

But the best is the locals, the locals!!!

Generosity, kindness, and joy characterize Dominicans. This Latin culture that is bathed in music and dances with Bachata and Merengue is known worldwide, do not wait any longer to spend the best vacations of your life.

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