Known to be one of the favorite breeding grounds for humpback whales, where nearly 1,500 of these mammals migrate each year. The La Samaná peninsula is also very famous for these luxuriant rainforests, these isolated beaches, and are eco-responsible tourism.

Its rolling mountains and valleys give birth to crystalline rivers that flow into the Atlantic, forming waterfalls that descend to beaches of bright white sand, stretching for hundreds of kilometers all along the peninsula’s rocky coast.

Samaná remains the Dominican Republic’s favorite paradise and secluded getaway, with its wild and paradisiacal beaches, coconut groves, and tropical forests.

You can watch whales in picturesque Samaná Bay on boat trips; other eco-tourism activities are on the program: surfing and kitesurfing. Hiking, bird watching, and cave tours in Los Haitises National Park. Canyoning or horseback riding to the El Limón waterfall; and boat trips to the magnificent white sand beaches at the foot of 90-meter cliffs or the offshore island of Cayo Levantado.

In Las Terrenas, French cafes and guesthouses give way to boutiques with European chic, “bistros” and a beachfront “pétanque” area, giving it its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Life in the fishing village continues despite the many tourists who flock during the day to the famous Playa Rincón, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic here at Las Galeras,

The incredible diversity of proposals will make it suitable for everyone. Perched in a tree-top cabin in El Valle, secluded in an eco-cabin in Las Galeras, or comfortably settled in a seaside suite on the golden sands of Cosón, there is something for everyone.

A total change of scenery in the Taino Indians’ land, spectacular decorates Robinson Crusoe’s film rocked by Merengue and Bachata, played nearby.

On the culinary side, Lobster and Grilled Fish with pleasing flavors of coconut, local cuisine blending perfectly with European gastronomic culture.

A paradise on land where you never want to leave! An experience to share as a couple or as a family.



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