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Casa Antillana Casas del XVI


Casa Antillana Casas del XVI

Honors the rich and magical cultures of the West Indies
Casa Antillana exudes a colonial Antillean design theme celebrating the tropical ambience found in the Caribbean islands.
The house features three luxury rooms with private room, living area and outdoor dining space, and a central garden anchored by a large sea grape tree and an ornate plunge pool. Maximum capacity of 8 people.

Architecture: From the entrance we can anticipate what lies inside. The door is an intense green and is framed by a white portico that respects the antique colonial masonry. Upon crossing the threshold everything is brightness, the main room opens to the interior garden through large white doors.
Name Origin: Honors the Antillean culture
Concept: Tropical, colonial Antillean, main inspirations behind Patricia Reid’s majestic interiors at Casas del XVI.
Design: Plantation style décor, white walls intermixed with touches of color, as well as natural materials, woods, embroideries and tropical prints.
Culture: Antillean music, cuisine, fashion, art, allegories.

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Room facilities

Air Conditioner
Large Balcony
Swimming pool
Water heater
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from $1.294,00/night


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